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    Legato Gents & Ladies Unisex Wellness Bracelet

    You save: 60% (R 1,800.00)

    Legato Unisex Bracelet,

    Design innovative the price of art in Jewellery using the Germanium healing agent found deep in the forests are cabochon bowls. Besides Fashion number one is the health products that aid blood Pressure, Disturbed sleep, Arthritis, Stress Management, Diabetes type 2, Chronic UN-Wellness, Detoxing the body, Specific Electromagnetic Radiation, Recovery from illness or operations, Also food tolerances.

    1) Improves Brain Response

    2) More efficient Blood circulation 

    3) Equalizes stress levels

    4) Hormonal Imbalance

    5) Migraines

    6) Arthritis

    7) Stress Management

    8) Seasonal Allergies

    9) Sleep Disorder

    10) Digestive disorder


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