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    Round Brilliant Cut Diamond - SA EGL LAB Number 201110429/131024

    Certified loose diamonds

    Looking to invest in our diamonds, a commodity that holds firm and possibly gains value during recessions and market crashes?

    One round brilliant cut diamond 0.2150ct colour ( G ) & purity SI1 this diamond has a pedigree laboratory number that is market on the fine edge of the girdle of every diamond one can only be seen under a microscope.

    By buying directly from us you will receive the best value, we offer the highest quality wholesale diamonds at the lowest prices guaranteed. When you purchase a loose diamond that has gone through the diamond certification process, you can be confident in the quality of your stone. Stones that have been certified can be easily identified and retain more value than their uncertified counterparts.

    In today's financial implications re world travel or value of the rand on international markets I recommend any spare cash to convert into diamonds as that is small and easy to leave the country is what I call TANGIBLE MONEY!


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