About Us

Victor Magnes

Under Victor’s watchful eye and with his rigorous standards, the Jewellery Connection has become a flourishing empire which prides itself on designing and manufacturing of some of the finest pieces of jewellery in the world. The business not only specializes in bringing exquisitely designed and crafted pieces to customers all over South Africa, but also in providing an outstanding overall service.

Jenali Collection was created out of the existing company, Jewellery Connection, as a desire to make high quality, fashionable jewellery that is simple, reasonably priced and accessible.

Where Jewellery Connection is known for its elegance, diamonds and one time pieces, Jenali Collection aims to keep you on trend with the latest fashion and design, without having to spend a fortune.

Victor Magnes

The designer, Victor Magnes, has had over 35 years of success in the jewellery industry, working with high quality aesthetics and being known for producing only the finest pieces. Victor recognizes that although diamonds are said to be a girls best friend, they are pricey, and he believes that beautiful jewellery shouldn't always cost a fortune.

Jenali Collection was named after his two daughters, Jenna-Lee and Talia, combining his love for family with his love for timeless design.